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May 02, 2012


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GREAT tip! :) P.S. I think I have your coat. If I was skinnier, I wouldn't tell you, because it's so darn cute.

Michelle Huegel

country music makes me think of summer, driving with windows down, singing along!

Michelle Huegel

already like you on FB :)


Beautiful fabric. I like "Vacation" by the Go-Gos. I have find memories of watching that video on MTV when I was in Jr high during the summers.


like you on FB :)


"Boys of Summer" :)

Mary Rogers

beautiful fabric Deena! Most of the hair nation songs from the 80's remind my of my summer between my junior and senior years in high school....but Brian Adams "summer of 69" is my favorite.


Coming to America


American Pie by Don McLean

Amy N

Alice Cooper: School's Out

Nicole Gray

hmmm I don't know if I have a favorite summer song. But I do love the 4th of july and would love the fabric. Hmm maybe proud of the red white and blue.

Denise Reid Wright

I liked you on facebook :)

Denise Reid Wright

Love the Stars and Stripes fabric. My favorite summertime song is Kid Rock "All Summer Long".


On oldie from my teenage years - Summer Breeze by Seals & crofts.

Monique van Duren

Great tip on making the brushes. I hope I can use it someday. Unfortunately I don't have Illustrator. I love so many songs, but this one gives me such a happy feeling: rollin' through the sunshine by Trailer Choir.


Ekkkk LOVE the fabric! Would make a great summer bag!
How about Red Solo Cup (except for my cup always would have an Arnold Palmer in it)


I Liked you on Facebook!

Lindzie H

Song that reminds me of summer...it's a Sum 41 song but I can't remember the name of it! grrr...anyways, not a big deal. Thanks for the chance to win!


I have to say that I am HORRIBLE with music. Not that I hate it, I just can't bring up names of songs or artists, or anything.
With that being said, the only thing that comes to mind is the Beach Boys.
Although with 4 kids - Phineas & Ferb's theme song that goes "There's a 104 days of summer. . ." jumps in, too.


I have been a facebook fan for some time now :)


Love your tut! Thanks!

Kristin V

OH MY GOSH! I LOVE those prints! I would love to win them! I'm JUST learning how to quilt and have been wanting to make a fun summer quilt out of prints like these.

My favorite song that reminds me of summer is Kid Rock's version of All Summer Long. Talks all about being a teenager in Michigan. I went to Michigan for the first time ever 2 years ago and I could totally see the song while I was there. I fell in love with it!

Melanie C

I love the fabric!!!!
Any song with a fun upbeat rhythm reminds me of summer.
Like a comment above: I know that Phineas & Ferb all too well :)

Christina G

I'm reminded of the song, "Summer of 69" I love summer! AND I love fabric! :)

Christina G

I also like you on Facebook!

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